Da una lunga esperienza, fatta di passione e cura per i dettagli nasce FRANCO FERRI ITALIA, un marchio di qualita’ e del Modern Living.




FRANCO FERRI ITALIA was born from a long history of craftsmanship, made of passion and care for details; a quality brand for “Modern Living“ with models of strong aesthetical character made of original shape, coverings and coordinated accessories. FRANCO FERRI ITALIA offers a unique mix of tradition and innovation: a fascinating chemistry of craftmanship and modern technology, resulting in the superb comfortable FRANCO FERRI ITALIA design.

Craftsmanship made in Italy

Our care for details, the accurate selection of raw materials, along with the strict working process of our manufacturing, contribute to make each of our product a unique piece of work. Design and comfort are the real added values to our sofas, created to long last in time and be part of our lives. From the experienced hands of our craftsmen to the exclusive quality of your comfort, our passion is at the service of your everyday pleasure.